Hotel, my dear Hotel

by | Apr 28, 2021

Our second home,
the one where we’re not allowed to confine ourselves to escape the big cities,
the one we have missed since the first day of the first lockdown,
the one that makes us dream and for which we are eager to push the doors again: The Hotel, with a capital « H ».

I want to talk about all hotels, from boarding houses to the most intimate ones, from the big luxurious brands to the more confidential addresses, from those that are often in the spotlight to those that are sometimes in the shadows…  

Dear hospitality friends,

… to you who carry your houses at arm’s length but also to those who open their doors to us,

… to you, the Managers who manage this period and everything else with a master’s hand,

… to you, the Chiefs, who elaborate most refined and gourmet recipes,

… to you, the Sommeliers, who select with precision the perfect matches that will enhance the flavor of the food,

… to those we do not always identify by name but to whom we are so grateful! You always have a smile on your face when you bring us a nice plate, a cocktail, a suitcase, a napkin or a newspaper. GroupExpression would like to thank you! We miss you, for everything and for too long: the perfectly baked croissant that is still warm when we wake up, the third pillow that makes all the difference when we go to bed, the special attentions from the bedside table to the bathroom, the smile in all circumstances after a busy day, the little phrase, the good gesture, the service that arrives without having asked for it, and the list would be much longer…


Not that we couldn’t be satisfied with our « little » homes, with the screams of children locked up for weeks (or even months), with the 4th laundry between two calls on Teams or Zoom, with the 395th gym class between the couch and the coffee table, with the 584th neighborhood walk…


YOU make the difference. You pamper us, you make our daily life more beautiful because you help us out. It’s become undeniable, we, personally and professionally, are grateful. The other actors of the tourism industry are as worried as you are, about their present and their future, but they do not forget you. Together, we support you.


For a new « Tomorrow »

It is high time to ask ourselves how hoteliers are going to pick themselves up, to re-invent themselves, a nice word on the paper, from which we expect a lot, but that is not necessarily easy to fulfil without a new investment.

Digital communication, including mostly social networks, have taken advantage of the situation in recent years; they have been upgraded and used a lot since the beginning of the Covid crisis.


Now unavoidable to develop the reputation of a hotel, the social networks are the key to an amplified communication. Well mastered, fed with creativity and diligence, the Instagram account of a hotel can quickly make the difference and make the dream accessible for its subscribers. We, as the travelers, need to continue to project ourselves, to dream of discoveries around the world, of escapades, whether they’re short or long, as long as they change our minds!

Coupled with a good press and public relations strategy, digital communication will allow hotels to continue to increase their notoriety, to reach their different targets, to communicate their news or simply to be kept in mind.

In addition, other targeted actions, in marketing and / or in sales representation with tourism and lifestyle professionals remain essential. These professionals have the desire and the motivation to continue the work that has been put in place over the years. Let’s give them the opportunity to go further…


« Hotel sweet hotel », see you soon!

Perrine Hauet
Department Director | Hospitality