PRess and public Relations – Promoting your brand towards the Media and the Public

What are Press and Public Relations made for ?

A real tool for promoting your brand. The objective of press and public relations is to develop your notoriety as well as your brand image by generating quality media coverage to strengthen your attractiveness.
Determining a press and public relations strategy is essential to position your brand and make it known to journalists and opinion leaders.
In this context where it is necessary more than ever to explain your values, to promote your social contribution, to explain your economic model, to justify your performances and to assume your carbon impact, press and public relations are an essential communication leverage. Quite simply, because the media and their audience remain one of the most effective sources of information and influence.


Why would you need a PR agency ?
To set up an effective PR strategy and ensure the best media coverage, it is relevant to turn to an agency specializing in press and public relations. Its role is to offer you advice as well as full support in the implementation of your communication strategy in order to:

  • Develop your brand awareness
  • Increase your brand credibility
  • Amplify your brand values messages efficiently

Using a PR agency also makes it easier to build a relationship of trust with the media. This relationship is built over time and over time. Thanks to its network, relationships and experience, our specialists can provide journalists and key influencers a personalized information, at the right moment, with the right and fair tone of voice. Proximity, immediacy, curiosity and resilience are the advantages of a professional PR team at your service.
Technology, how powerful it may be, will not replace our expert advice: content writing, the nuances and subtleties of our french culture, the transcription of your opinions to better reflect on the news, the choice of adequate words to stand out among many others… 

What is important is to measure the relevance of the actions with regard to the issues. It is about following the evolution of the understanding and the perception of journalists, influencers and opinion leaders, on the social, economic and cultural fundamentals of companies. There is no lack of tools: barometers or image audits.

Together for you

We develop an editorial content strategy such as image, video, infographics, podcast …
We trigger topics to engage public opinion through traditional channels of PR and social media.
We anticipate promising subjects and major social trends.
We study and segment audiences in order to adapt your speeches and content to each target
We analyze your reputation and that of your competitors through constant media monitoring.

Daily contacts
With our clients, journalists, influencers and partners, we organize regular one-to-one or small group meetings around a subject, a media theme, an issue or a debate. Phone calls: our teams are daily on the phone with journalists, opinion leaders and influencers to challenge them on promising subjects, meet their needs, arise their interest in a subject that we wish to communicate.
A creative approach
In perpetual research, we constantly exchange ideas … we debate new suggestions, new approaches and we test it, with our tools and according to our procedures, etc.
Team spirit
Our consultants exchange between them ideas and key media contacts, on weekly basis. So many media opportunities for your benefit.


The evolution of your brand’s influence is measurable; and we are by your side to bring you results.

Thanks to new technologies, we now have access to tools and data that allow us to provide you with measurable results in order to assess the return on investment of your communication campaigns.

These results make it also possible to adapt constlantly your communication strategy, to support it in its evolution and, if necessary , to rethink the content and the form of your messages in real time or in the longer term.

Our role is also to explain our business, unveil our practices, pass on our know-how for a greater autonomy of our customers. We share our experiences, best practices and we pool your needs while serving your interests.

This is how we will organize, for example, a media trip for the benefit of several of our clients (the promotion / discovery of a destination with an airline that serves it and a hotelier who will welcome journalists and / or influencers on site) .


Brand content creation
To share it in our press area or in yours if you have one in french on your website: press kit, press releases, thematic sheets, articles, videos, photos, infographics. We relay your news on your and our social networks: FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, LINKEDIN and TWITTER …

Transversal press releases

Every week, we write thematic press releases bringing together several of our clients with a unique message. A great opportunity for journalists looking to illustrate their thematic subjects.

Media kit

It is important to position the quality of your brand and describe the diversity of your services. This also sets you apart from your competitors. In addition, by favoring the digital version of the document, you allow it to be updated quickly and in real time when necessary.
Why not considering a video press kit ? – Possible variation of your file in video format (2 minutes maximum). Formula available in small thematic tablets that can be used on your website and your social networks.
Thematic practical sheets, and “angled” subjects can be developed, this makes it possible to rise the desire for reports from journalists and influencers
Our goal: to promote your brand values and convince the media by providing them with specific brand content: texts, visuals, spokespersons, testimonials.

« Mood Book » ​

When possible, we create a selection of your most beautiful visuals to go on TV and in fashion magazines. The goal is to make your destination, your hotel or your airline or cruise, a new spot for filming and photo shooting.



Speaking to the media to establish your brand image and testify your service or product offer is a key element in building your brand notoriety. We identify opportunities and support you in the preparation of these interviews, presentations and other round tables. 


We are in contact with the daily press, TV and radio stations to present to them in advance the main spokespersons of your company and the subjects on which your expertise is solid. You are thus identified by the media as privileged PR experts and will be contacted in priority by them. We are by your side for media training to better prepare you if you are not comfortable with this exercise. 

It’s about creating quick interviews with your key spokesperson. Easy to use for radios, useful to share on your social networks, this is a very viral communication tool. The production of these podcasts allows you to express yourself through appropriate themes and increase the interest of the listeners.

TV broadcast and Radio topics
A dedicated PR team calls on the editorial staff of national & regional news broadcasts on a daily basis, report programs and TV production companies to offer them “telegenic or radio” and “special” subjects. This is how we record a large number of reports per year for all of our clients. These two types of media are very popular because it reach a large audience and amplify your brand awareness with very high added value.

Press trips: promote your brand
Welcoming journalists in groups or individually is essential to highlight your brand values and key messages. We recommend the organization of press trips when you want to focus on particular topics that can be linked to your events organized throughout the year.

Fairs, workshops and events
For the development of your brand awareness it is important to be present at a few annual events and we are at your disposal to select the most relevant meetings. We then adapt your communication plan to each event and proactively activate media meetings – interviews and round tables.

PR Expertise

We register our actions in accordance with the Marketing strategy of your company. The tools that we put in place must be considered as a support and an supplement to your commercial activities.

We put the consumer at the heart of your communication in order to better reflect your brand values ​​and positioning. In a society where time is short and competition is high, having effective, relevant and specific content is essential.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it. We advise and recommend you to adapt your vocabulary, your messages and all of your innovative content to the media and influencers to develop creative and dedicated content on your behalf.


A dynamic online dedicated press area. Keep your press office up to date to ensure the relevance of the information available to the media. The content posted in this space must be easily and quickly accessible.


We have proven track record of excellent return on investment of our PR campaigns for our clients. PR cases studies are available for review on this page and more on demand.