But where did the Escape go?

by | Mar 19, 2021

Have we lost the right to dream, to escape? For several weeks now, we have forgotten the trip (abroad), we put it in the closet, no longer talk about it or even mention a plane or a boat except to highlight this unprecedented crisis or treat it under a practical aspect … However, there seems to be room for hope again…

In this unprecedented period and for the months to come, we have unfortunately noticed that many media have put the « elsewhere » under cover. We can no longer travel so why talk about other countries, another culture, these landscapes that we are temporarily unable to contemplate with our own eyes? Yet these times marked by anxiety and stress, will have confirmed to us, if we were not already certain, that nothing is more essential for us than freedom. And the freedom to move and travel has never seemed so vital to us. You can live under cover, but is it really living?

So, please, let’s continue talking about the Other, the « elsewhere » , rich in lessons, experiences and even beauties. We are talking here about Travel with a capital letter, the one that touches us, the one that we will remember all our life. The journey, like blood in our veins . The adrenaline of take-off, the horn of the boat when it sets sail, the drawing of the first landscapes from high in the sky, the smells once out of the airport, this sunset on the roof of a skyscraper or on a beach that we contemplate for hours! Travel is also sometimes about discovering yourself, pushing your limits for some, giving free way to your passions for others, exploring this magnificent planet of ours. But the Travel is above all about meeting the Other, these peoples who welcome us and who live thanks to this economy that some criticize so much.

Does tourism have to reinvent itself?

Surely. Maybe in the future we will travel less but better. We must call this change of our vows (and our actions).

But the planes are grounded for the time being, we are no longer shivering… Nevertheless, it is not forbidden to dream, to learn, to prepare our next escapes, to discover the museums that we will dream of visiting ” for real ”, to contemplate these grandiose landscapes in front of which we will remain speechless, to follow this fantastic guide which will transmit to us the passion of his“ home ”.

So please allow us to continue to pass on our passion. “There is little chance that we will ever see a polar bear in its natural environment. However, should we stop showing them? “.