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LUX Grand Baie

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How to preview the facilities and services of a hotel before its official opening?


To bring the inauguration of the Lux Collective’s new flagship hotel, a modern gem combining chic and relaxed surroundings, to the attention of French internet users. Promote the idyllic setting of the LUX* grand baie hotel and share the customer experience.


Invite a group of 6 french influencers to stay at the hotel during its inauguration week. To discover this new address which is located on one of the most beautiful beaches of mauritius and to highlight the numerous offers, activities and infrastructures proposed by the hotel.

30 posts and 9 réels with the hotel in the spotlight and mentions of @, # and geotag on social networks

324 stories highlighting the hotel’s services and facilities

21.717M REACH
20.526M€ EAV

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