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How to attract the interest of the media on a territory through a selection of portraits?


To generate media interest in the region and the destination of Argelès-sur-Mer through a selection of portraits of characters who embody the destination. The final objective is to generate positive content about the destination in order to reach potential visitors and make them want to come to the area through these sympathetic and emblematic characters


• Selection of profiles of local people, those who “make” the destination Argelès-sur-Mer, with very different profiles, ages and professions in order to illustrate the identity, variety and richness of the destination
• Telephone interviews with each of them with standard questions in order to produce content
• Synthesis of the information to create and write a series of “portrait” press releases
• Distribution of press releases to a selection of journalists and targeted pitching

• Request for a report from the radio France Bleu Roussillon, report and interviews on the spot, then broadcast of the portraits on the radio
• Media coverage ++ for some “characters”, then solicited in TV and radio