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Commercial representation in Europe for Nukutepipi Private Island

GroupExpression was chosen by this client for its expertise in managing sales and marketing strategies. Our dedicated team has prepared its « european launch » program in multiple markets. Nukutepipi being a private island sold only for privatized utililization, our key role is to present this unique product to a very high-end luxury travel agencies and promote its USPs by promoting the incredible experience and sharing visuals and technical documents to the targeted agents.

Case Study Bélize salon de la plongée

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Nukutepipi, private island in the Tuamotu archipelago in French Polynesia

Nukutepipi is a true wild paradise, an idyllic private island located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, 6000 km from the nearest mainland. One of the smallest atolls in the Tuamotu archipelago, in French Polynesia.
The second you step foot in the private paradise of Nukutepipi, time stands still. The wind, the waves, the water, the flora and fauna, everything seems to whisper the same message in the heart: this place is magical. Truly magical. Housed in the blue of the ocean and framed by beaches with immaculate white sand, this quiet little atoll seems to have been created from A to Z for relaxation and for the discovery of a world that seems to us like in a dream…Choose from a host of activities offered on the beach, in the lagoon and in the sea, from Tahitian therapeutic oil massage and Motu picnic, to exploring coral gardens, deep sea fishing and whale watching. Let yourself be pampered within the walls of our luxury lodge and indulge yourself in our gourmet restaurants….
A unique ecosystem and a plurality of rare tropical species, both fauna and flora. A protected and preserved haven of peace. We let ourselves be transported by the beauty of this wild paradise composed of a myriad of protected species, a forest of coconut palms, pristine beaches, and waves of turquoise, crystalline water. It is truly an ode to nature…exclusive nature