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Global representation of Lithuania in France : promotion, destination marketing, relations with travel trade and tour operators, press relations

Global representation of Lithuania in France

GroupExpression has been working with the Lithuanian Tourist Board for several years for B2B promotion, strategic marketing, public relations and influence missions. Our team works in collaboration with the Lithuanian Embassy in France for missions more related to culture. Along with the Tourist Office and its partners, we aim to increase the notoriety of this still confidential destination among the French general public.

Case Study Bélize salon de la plongée

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Lithuania, the largest of the Baltic States, is the home of Romain Gary

Lithuania is the largest of the Baltic States, located in the northeast of Poland, 3 hours (direct) flight from Paris. Its capital, Vilnius, is a must-see, rich in historical curiosities in a very cosmopolitan atmosphere. The rest of the country, still little known, is also worth a visit: its magnificent national parks, the Lake District, the Baltic coast and the Curonian Spit (UNESCO) are just some of the many assets of the country which is nicknamed the pearl of the Baltic.