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Communication and promotion of Iceland in France

GroupExpression started its collaboration with Iceland in 2010, when the famous Eyjafjallajökull volcano erupted. An event that marked the history of the island and positioned it on the world map for many curious. Since that date, we have been managing the press and public relations of the destination and have supported key elements of its tourism development, such as highlighting the winter season, the deployment of visitors in the 7 regions of the island, without forgetting about awareness campaigns to preserve the environment such as “Kranavatn” or that of the Icelandic oath. Each year, we generate more than a hundred media clippings for the destination, which continues to strengthen its links with France.

Case Study Bélize salon de la plongée

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Iceland, land of fire and ice

Business Iceland is a semi-private structure created to increase the competitive position of Icelandic companies in foreign markets, but also to stimulate economic growth through export and foreign direct investment. Promote Iceland also aims to reinforce Iceland’s image as a unique destination among tourists and is actively involved in promoting Icelandic culture abroad.