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Media relations for the Japanese Hotel Group, Hoshino Resorts

First ever within within company history, The Hoshino Resorts group, a renowned Japanese hotel group with exceptional properties and traditional onsen, chose to entrust its press and public relations to GroupExpression in May 2019. By positioning the group on the French market, the GroupExpression team presents to the French media a new brand of traditional hotels, including luxury establishments and traditional onsen.

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Hoshino Resorts, exclusive hotels of tradition in Japan

Hoshino Resorts, Inc. is a Japanese hotel group of 41 properties (38 in Japan, 1 in Bali, 1 in Taiwan, 1 in Hawaii) operated under 5 brands and through many exceptional establishments: HOSHINOYA (iconic luxury brand), KAI (Japanese “Onsen” hotels), RISONARE (resort hotels), OMO (downtown hotels) and BEB (young and trendy hotels).