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Lazuli, an Egyptian company specialized in high-end cruises, offers to discover the Nile and its historic sites in a traditional way, aboard real sailing dahabiehs.
Modern replicas of the Pharaohs sacred boats, the 5 dahabiehs are declined as follows: Lazuli I, Le Roi Farouk: 5 cabins including 1 suite with private balcony, Lazuli II, Gordon Pacha: 6 cabins including 2 suites with private balcony, Lazuli III, L’Orient: 6 cabins with individual private balcony, L’Albatros: 4 cabins and 2 suites with private terrace and the Luxor.
Each boat is equipped with internet access, DVD player with video projector, fresh water, air conditioning, etc.
As a couple, with family or friends, from 2 to 12 people, these elegant boats glide along the banks of the famous river from Luxor to Aswan offering its modern navigators many cultural and timeless stages through programs of three, four and five days.