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Press relations and influence for Icelandic regional Airports

GroupExpression is pleased to support the Regional Airports of Iceland, located in Akureyri in the North and in Egilsstaðir in the East of the country, through press & public relations and influence activations to promote their initiative campaign aiming at enhancing their regional territory as touristic destinations targeting French airlines and tour operators convincing them to launch direct air services from France as well as travel packages.

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Regional Airports, the new gateway to Iceland’s unique nature

Isavia’s regional airports offer two new direct gateways to the unique nature of northern and eastern Iceland: Akureyri International Airport in the North and Egilsstadir International Airport in the East. The Icelandic government has implemented a policy to strengthen the position of these two regional airports and to encourage European airlines to choose other gateways than Keflavik International Airport. The aim is to develop tourism in the still little-known regions of this unique North-Atlantic Island, and to relieve the tourist influx at Keflavík in the southwest of the country. Both Akureyri and Egilsstaðir airports have facilities for international flights, allowing smooth, simple and fast traffic.